Medical Stop Loss Insurance

Medical Stop Loss Insurance

Medical Stop Loss Insurance provides protection to self funded employer health plans. MSL is made up of Specific Stop Loss and Aggregate Stop Loss coverage. Specific Stop Loss can be purchased on a stand alone basis or Specific and Aggregate Stop Loss coverage can be combined. MSL is intended to provide self funded employer health plans with financial protection in the event of a catastrophic loss.

Specific Stop Loss Insurance covers each individual under the plan to a certain deductible amount chosen by the employer. If any individual’s claims exceed the Specific Deductible Level then the employer is reimbursed for that overage.

Aggregate Stop Loss Insurance covers all claims under the Specific Deductible Level. This provides the employer with a budgetable worst case number.

MLB RE, Inc. represents The American National Family of companies:


The American National Family of Companies

The American National Family of Companies offers a broad variety of life insurance, retirement annuities, accident and health insurance, pension plan products and services, credit insurance, and property/casualty insurance for personal lines, agribusiness and targeted commercial exposures. Products are distributed through career agents, independent marketing organizations and multiple line exclusive agents as well as direct distribution channels.

Standard Life

For more than 70 years, Standard Life has built success on a foundation of integrity in both products and service. In its early days, the Company found its niche and is still recognized as one of the country’s premier insurers in the senior market providing seniors with realistic products that solve their special needs for financial security. Today, Standard Life offers a diverse portfolio of Life, Health and Annuity products, serving a broad range of insurance needs for all ages in both the individual and group markets. Our policies are sold and serviced by caring professionals who understand the needs and aspirations of our policyholders, and it is our pledge to provide the most useful and cost-effective products in the market.

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