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John Rowland

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The following guidelines can be used for submitting a request for quote.

Currently Self Funded with Stop Loss or Experience Available:

  1. Minimum of 25 covered lives
  2. Excluded industries: PEO's, Membership Organizations, Offshore Mining
  3. Current rates and factors
  4. Industry
  5. Effective Date
  6. Current and proposed plan designs
  7. Requested Specific and Aggregate levels and contracts
  8. Employee census (Gender, Age or DOB, Dependent Coverage Indicator, Zip Code)
  9. Two (2) years of monthly claims and lives
  10. Two (2) years of large loss experience

Currently Fully Insured <100 employees (No Experience Available)
1 through 8 above, plus current fully insured renewal from carrier and the 2 prior renewals.

Quote submissions should be emailed to:

If there are any questions regarding a quote submission, please contact us.

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